Transformation begins with a willingness to let go of who and what we were

We can only change ourselves and the world through impartial and unprejudiced thinking separating what “is” from what and how we’d like things to be. Seek out dissenting opinions and differing perspectives about reality as you see it.  Challenge your assumptions and beliefs by searching for contrasting conversations and counterexamples.

Let’s be clear–I’m not advocating we argue for our “limitations” and liabilities.  On the contrary; I am encouraging everyone to be an advocate of their own potentials and possibilities through an unbiased eye seeing what we have to do different in order to be different and have different.

It takes courage to be a “realist” but it doesn’t mean we can’t be visionaries and creators of our future and new realities.

It simply begins with looking into our own eyes and heart and saying, “here’s where I am, here’s what exists, here’s what I want instead, and here’s what I’m willing to do to change it”

~Spike Humer

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