Marketing Automation

We’ve been building automated marketing systems for some of the top experts, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs and businesses in the world.

This exclusive behind-the-scenes access allows us to see what really works (and what doesn’t) online so we can help you reach your online goals quicker, easier and cheaper than trying to figure it all out on your own.

With us on your team as integral partners, you will create better products, generate more traffic, and make more sales on your websites than ever before.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things We Will Create Together…

Create a unique and powerful selling proposition and expert positioning so your business dominates your marketplace and you are viewed as the ONLY viable option – even if your prices are significantly higher…

  • Identify neglected profit opportunities hidden inside your current business…and help you to capitalize on those opportunities to multiply your profits immediately.
  • Dramatically improve your lead generation and conversion rates by having a set of expert eyes review & critique all of your marketing collateral and campaign strategies.
  • Walk you through the development of a crystal clear and laser focused vision for your business and your life and then help you convert it into a detailed plan for achieving it.
  • Teaching you the secrets of Internet alchemy so you can leverage everything you create in multi-use applications and bundles that will make you more money with less work.
  • Help you implement effective time management principles, strategies and tools so you can reduce your non-productive hours and get more done in less time allowing you more free time to spend with your spouse, your children, or your hobbies.
  • And much…much…more!


This includes:

  • Installing and configuring the necessary split-testing and user behavior analysis tools to accurately and efficiently test different website elements for maximum increase in conversions and ROI.
  • Providing feedback and suggestions related to the look and feel of the website or landing page in order to appear professional and credible yet maintain action focused functionality.
  • Review and suggest copy modifications on the website to make sure the headlines, bullets, problem identification, value proposition, risk reversal and other key factors of the offer are compelling to the reader.
  • Determining when and how video should be used on the site and what the content and message of the video should highlight.
  • Examining or determining the initial free offer that will be made to visitors to get them to register on the mailing list.
  • Deciding which elements of the site will be split-tested in order to improve conversions.
  • Analyzing and recommending opportunities to maximize sales per visitor thru the use of one-time offers, limited bonuses and other profit maximization strategies.
  • On-going Marketing/Business Process Optimization Strategies– Our goal is to help you build a truly automated business. In order to do that we will help you optimize your marketing and business processes such as:
    • Making sure we have the optimal combination of Lists, Messages and Offers in place.
    • Identify key business workflows so we can determine steps and processes that can be automated
    • Provide ideas, tools and strategies for effective project management
    • Provide ideas, tools and strategies to help you hire, train and manage virtual team members
  • Business Challenge Brainstorming – There’s not too many business challenges in this industry that our team hasn’t encountered. In most cases, we’re able to generate lots of out-of-the-box ideas and strategies to resolve these challenges. If you’re facing a particular business challenge we can run it thru our brainstorming process to develop a wide range of possible solutions and then refine those possible solutions to those which would have the highest likelihood of success.
  • Profit Maximization Strategies– Understanding how to price your products and services profitably can be challenging, especially when you don’t factor in all of your true costs. We’ll help you develop pricing strategies that factor in:
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Average Lead Cost
    • Earnings Per Click
    • Affiliate Commission Structure
    • Marketing and Media Expenses
    • Other direct campaign costs
  • Traffic Strategies– It doesn’t matter how great a marketing funnel we design and build for you, without traffic, it certainly won’t be successful. And with so many ways to drive traffic, we’ll help guide you to the best sources and strategies for your specific marketing objectives. We’ll help you develop strategies and tactics for:
    • Search Engine Marketing Strategies (Both Paid and Organic)
    • Social Media Marketing Strategies
    • Email and Newsletter Marketing Strategies
    • Mobile Marketing Strategies
    • Retargeting Strategies
    • Pay Per View Strategies
    • Offline/Traditional Marketing Strategies (Print, Radio, TV, Yellow Pages)
    • Direct Mail Strategies
  • JV/Affiliate Strategies and Networking– Since we work with so many of the top information marketers in the world and attend most industry events, we have a pretty large network of powerful affiliates that we can possibly connect you with. Before we do that though, we’ll help you decide on the best affiliate strategy including items such as:
    • Affiliate recruitment strategies
    • Ideal Affiliate Commission Structure
    • Whether or not to offer a 2nd tier affiliate program.
    • Whether to use 1st cookie or last cookie tracking
    • How to accurately track and report all affiliate sales
    • How to mass pay your affiliates.
    • Affiliate messaging, collateral and promotion strategies


Our goal is to establish a truly win-win relationship that allows us both to be profitable while we work towards similar visions of sharing valuable knowledge with the rest of the world that has the potential to dramatically impact their lives. I look forward to working with you towards that goal…