Business Development

As business development executives, we aim to help you acquire new customers and grow your business through partnerships enabling you to penetrate new markets as well as deepen your presence and impact in existing markets.  We seek to structure partnerships on behalf of our clients who have existing assets or  business concepts ready for development and we maximize the value of those assets.  Business development partnerships come in many different forms and must be constructed specifically for each opportunity.  Whether a relationship is based on content syndication, co-branding, white-labeling, product development, third-party vendors, internet advertising, licensing, revenue sharing, or any other type of structure, we’ve done it before and are prepared to do it for you.

Business Development Approach:

  • Identify – we work with you to identify opportunities that can maximize the value of your assets and/or services.  We then work with you to target verticals, identify prospects within those verticals, and prioritize prospects for outreach.  All of this is done with agreed upon goals so that our marching orders are clear and we are aligned.
  • Approach – through our broad and deep relationships in the industry, we can get you to the right person at the right companies – fast.  We then analyze the needs of the partner and position your assets to fit the customer’s needs.  We listen to the partner and adjust your story and value proposition to fit the partner’s situation keeping your goals squarely in focus.
  • Structure – strategic partnerships come in all shapes, sizes and forms and we position your assets to maximize create the strongest appeal to potential partners resulting in deals that benefit both parties.
  • Negotiate – once we have identified and agreed upon the basic terms of a partnership, we are adept at term sheets, negotiations, and managing the process of getting deals done.
  • Manage – you may have an internal team to manage partnerships on an ongoing basis or you may not.  Either way, we are there to support your team and your partners in implementing and optimizing partnerships.  Many businesses fall short here.  Most consulting firms and businesses don’t understand that managing new partnerships is more important than securing them.  The finish line is not the contract, the finish line is a demonstrative impact on your business.  We don’t want to close deals for the sake of closing deals – we want goals to be reached and exceeded.