Internet & Multi-Channel Marketing

There’s not just one simple solution when it comes to engaging with your customers. You know that
different channels resonate and inspire action with different audiences. So do we.This is what
makes Enterprises Consulting Multi-Channel Communication Strategy Development so powerful.
By incorporating digital, social media, and mobile channels to complement your traditional channels
(print, telephone, e-mail), your company can create a strategic marketing communication plan that
is innovatively segmented, efficiently targeted, and data-driven.

Enterprises determines the best mix of channels to use (analyzing Analytics data and developing
“personas” to identify specific audience-based characteristics and behaviors; creating clearly
segmented online, social media, and mobile strategies; visually mapping the communication tactics
recommended for different audiences; and developing your multi-channel marketing plan) to ensure
that all of your communication efforts are successful. The plan is based on your specific goals and
metrics are put into place for each specific channel.

Enterprises  Multi-channel internet Marketing Planning includes:

  •  Initial consultation
  • Development of audience personas based on data
  • Workshop based approach plan written with stakeholders
  • Detailed multi-channel strategy and comprehensive report
  • Clearly defined benchmarks and measurement strategies
  • Presentation of results and next-steps consultation


Marketing automation holds the promise of delivering increased leads, nurturing leads through a sales cycle, scoring & routing influencers and decision makers to sales reps, and providing analytics to demonstrate the value of Marketing’s contributions to revenue. To this end, our marketing automation services fall into these categories:


  • Marketing Automation Vendor Analysis — We’ll help you pick the right marketing automation vendor for your organization. We can also help negotiate rates so you get the most competitive pricing possible.
  • Marketing Automation Implementation — Once you have a marketing automation vendor picked out, we can help you take the out-of-the-box system and optimize it for your needs.
  • Demand Generation Consulting — If you’re looking to generate more leads, we can work with you to create a robust lead capture and lead generation program. One of our specialties is progressive profiling.
  • Lead Nurturing Consulting — Lead nurturing is the process of taking a cold lead and heating them up through targeted interactions, delivering newly-hot leads to sales. We can help build segmentation plans and email nurturing programs that allow you to deliver ready-to-buy leads to your sales team.
  • Lead Qualification, Scoring and Routing Consulting — We can help align Marketing and Sales needs by ensuring that Marketing is passing only ready-to-purchase leads to Sales through a scoring and qualification system that customized to your sales cycle & methodology.
  • Marketing Automation Administration — Some of our clients keep us around to create campaigns, build reports and handle the day-to-day work of marketing automation. This option is almost always significantly more cost-effective than hiring a marketing automation specialist to work in-house.
  • Lead Management & Marketing Automation Strategy — One of the main benefits we offer our clients is a marketing automation strategy that encompasses the entire process, from lead capture all the way to a closed & won sale. We will help you understand and document your own led management process, providing effective strategies on how to get more leads, shore up your pipeline, increase revenue and report the effectiveness of Marketing to senior management.