Customer Support Services

When people call your business, you want them to receive immediate and professional customer service. Whether you need someone to answer questions, take down information or interact with your potential customers so that you can better serve them, Enterprises can help.

Enterprises  provides courteous and professional call center personnel who are already trained as customer service representatives so that you can concentrate on running your business. We provide answering service staff, inbound and outbound call center services, order taking, inventory control and other basic support and administrative services. And it can all be done on your existing platform or services.

Enterprises also offers advanced call center services when you’re ready to take it to the next level. We provide customer service representatives to conduct surveys, gather important business data, handle class and seminar registration and serve as a live answering service. For web-based businesses, we provide the live person on the other end of your e-commerce chat line, instant message service, web-enabled customer support and troubleshooting features. We’re here to help.

When you can’t be there for your customers, we can. So often it is important for people to communicate with a live person to feel reassurance.

Customer retention can be increased with our proven outbound customer advocate process.  Welcome calls and set up calls can make the difference.

Enterprises offers a variety of inbound call center solutions for our clients. We work to ensure that each individual or company receives custom solutions to address their specific needs. The advanced telephone answering services we provide allow us to offer assistance to businesses just like yours. We take care of your clients with top quality customer service. When people are calling your business, they want or need a live person. They want to communicate with something besides an automated system. Our telephone answering services provide that human element of polite confidence and reassurance. We offer personalized services, such as remote receptionists for e-commerce, online and catalog businesses.


Customer Support Consulting

We are customer service experts who can help you engage and understand your customer, improve customer service and increase customer retention. We achieve this process in three ways:

  •     Unique feedback tool
  •     Expert Consultancy
  •     Effective Coaching

Retain existing customers

It’s an established business principal that it’s far more economical to keep an existing customer than it is to find and win a new one.

Enterprises will help you and your business develop the skills to engage with your customers so well that they won’t ever want to go elsewhere again!

Attract new customers

New customers are the life blood of your business and are the key to your growth and prosperity.
Enterprises knows that the best way to attract new customers is through positive recommendation and referral.

We can help you develop the kind of customer experience that people want to talk about, the kind of experience that builds a reputation that sets you apart from your competitors and sees new customers flocking to your door.

Increase repeat business

When your customers love you they want to do business with you and will look for as many opportunities to do so as they can.
Enterprises will help you cement relationships with your existing customers, building precious positive advocacy that ensures future business, increase spend and a customer that’s far more receptive to cross sales.

Protect margins

Enterprises knows that protecting your margins is about delivering great value for money and this doesn’t mean cheap.

Our studies have shown that a great customer experience creates great value for money – we can help you compete on service not on price and your customers will happily pay more to buy from a business that delivers great customer service.

Strengthen your business reputation

What do your customers say about your business? Is it good? Is it bad? Or maybe they don’t really say anything at all?

Enterprises will help your business build the qualities your company needs to be truly great at customer service and deliver an outstanding customer experience that builds reputation through powerful word of mouth advocacy.