Technology Integration

Enterprises helps clients with IT organizations solve many types of business challenges through the integration of technology. Through our member firms, Our Technology Integration practice is categorized into three primary levels:

Solutions– which includes pre-integrated packages of technology, methodology, tools and services to deliver rapid, cost effective business results for industry-, client- and technology-specific opportunities.

Services– with five mature capabilities covering architecture and networks; development; enterprise connections; enterprise systems management and security; and information dynamics. Learn more from the links below.

Support– where we assist our clients in the delivery of their technology integrations projects with resources and subject matter expertise.

High Performance Site Design

Creating successful online stores. The Enterprises System incorporates all of the flexibility and functionality of open source software with time-tested usability and online marketing techniques. The result is a user-friendly website framework which generates superior sales performance and outstanding conversion rates.

Central Online Database

The Enterprises System collects all of your online data and organizes it on one central dashboard so you can effectively manage every aspect of your daily transactions and marketing initiatives, analyze results and react instantly. From a single control panel you can make changes to your website, create and send emails, view real-time results of all marketing programs and monitor current product sales and customer file size by channel.

Action-based Merchandising

Conversion rates increase dramatically with dynamic merchandising to individual customers. Because the powerful Enterprises database stores and manages all online transactions and user actions, compelling, relevant, time-sensitive emails can be sent automatically based on customer demographics, browsing history and patterns, previous purchase history and referring URLs.

Real-Time Multi-Channel Reporting

Enterprises serves as the information hub for all of your sales channels online, offline, catalog, call center and mobile platforms. With key data from all of these sources available on a central dashboard, you can easily monitor activity and develop cross-channel marketing strategies creating a coordinated cohesive selling environment that maximizes customer retention and significantly increases lifetime value.

Integrated Email Programs

Instead of dealing with multiple email program providers, you can create and control all of your email marketing from the Enterprises central dashboard. A full range of automated triggers are available and can be activated instantly. Targeted promotional campaigns can be easily created using pre-designed templates and scheduled for deployment. Because segments are selected on demand from the central database, you will always be sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Social Mobile Strategies

Social media communities are critical to the success of building content, re-affirming brand awareness and promoting products. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube just to name a few, are social media platforms that need to be part of your overall online marketing strategy. Enterprises provides the tools to create and manage content and the ability to read and react to the resulting information.

Dedicated IT Support

As an Enterprises client, you will have a team of seasoned IT professionals with extensive experience dedicated to building your website, maintaining peak performance of all functionality, providing staff training and custom programming. Security systems, server capacity and data back-ups will be constantly monitored and 24/7 live support will be available.