“Brian is amazing in his ability to orchestrate all the moving pieces in incredibly complex marketing promotions.

He understands that in order for a launch to be successful, everything has to fit together seamlessly and everyone has to be on the same page. He effortlessly guides the team, the partners, the vendors and everyone else involved in a project to make sure that when launch day comes, execution will be flawless.

He has a deep and thorough understanding of the core elements that encourage a prospect to buy, the technical integration needed to deliver the sale and the effective persuasion needed to get JV partners excited and anxious to promote the offer.

I wouldn’t even think of launching a new product without running it by Brian first and if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him, you better not hesitate or you may leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.”

Teddy Garcia, Director of Traffic, Strategic Profits