Brian Johnson

President and CEO
Harvard University, Extension

People who call on Brian are people who are optimistic, who know their organization could be more profitable, more successful, more energetic, but they are not sure how to get from here to there and need some help. They have courage, and they want an advisor with a depth and breadth of knowledge about people, businesses, and what makes them tick.

Brian is President and chief executive officer of Enterprises LLC. During his 23 years of working with hundreds of clients in 34 industries, Brian has steadily taken on new assignments and leadership roles in many of the organizations he works with, with a focus on business development, process improvement, advanced multi-channel strategies and helping companies in crisis. He has helped clients in various industries address a range of issues, including merger integration, operations improvement, and corporate strategy. His clients have included large multinational organizations spanning the telecommunications, software development, banking, technology, publishing, online marketing, retail and manufacturing industries. As chairman, he continues to be actively engaged in the marketplace, meeting frequently with leaders in the markets Enterprises serves.

Having attended Harvard Business School and then Berklee School of Music Boston, Brian is a highly diversified leader with extensive business experience in small to medium sized companies with a specific talent of bridging the gap between organizational structures and department leaders.
In his role as CEO, Brian is helping Enterprises clients accelerate their growth through a variety of meaningful acquisitions and initiatives, emphasizing global and marketing growth, integrated services to clients, collaborating with clients to help create a lasting impact, and innovative approaches to leadership, marketing and management.

He has held a number of leadership roles, including most recently as VP Online and Marketing for Precious Moments and CEO of Lifebook Inc.

He led Strategy & Operations and Mergers & Acquisitions Consultative Services for many of Enterprises clients.

Key roles include providing oversight of management’s decisions and operations; delivering guidance on critical issues such as long-term strategy and risk management; representing clients interests and creating transparency into board and management activities through open communications; and acting as stewards and modelers to help all clients distinct cultures, values and beliefs endure over time.

Brian was a corporate turnaround expert for 15 years before founding Enterprises LLC .

As a corporate consultant, trainer and coach Brian has successfully taught thousands of people how to dramatically increase their level of performance in business and in life.

Start-up operations
Crises management
Process improvement
Internet and direct response
Inventory control
Business process reengineering
Marketing and online marketing
Quality assurance
Training and development
P&L and balance sheet analysis
ROI analysis
Budgeting/cost control
International markets
Internet Marketing
Turn around situations
Personnel development
Team motivation/leadership