Bill Maher

Senior Advisor and Lead Consultant

Bill’s broad base of experience allows him to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the organization and help prioritize efforts and set reasonable, yet effective objectives for the company.  Business owners want their company to be at the top of its game…when it is not, they need someone who can quickly help them diagnose why their organization is not performing up to expectations, and recommend what can be done to fix it.

Bill believes deeply in helping others achieve excellence in their organizations. As an entrepreneur himself he understands the weight of responsibility and decision-making that C-Suite executives and Boards face each day. Bill has been summoned countless times by CEOs, investors, family owners and Directors of companies in a variety of industries to be their confidant and a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

Bill has designed and directed highly complex strategic and operational performance improvement engagements in both small and large organizations. In addition to his work as a high level executive, business strategy and performance improvement consultant, Bill has broad, senior, general management experience in middle and large market and emerging growth companies as an operating executive, a member of multiple Boards of Directors, and has served in management roles as a CEO and Executive.

Bill comes from a long impressive history with multi-Billion dollar organizations and has extensive experiences in highly effective business development situations..

Expertise exists in orchestrating organizational transformations, leveraging data to build new go-to-market strategies, improving sales force/marketing effectiveness, and enhancing quality and efficiency of customer care efforts.

Goal oriented and results driven professional with proven ability to drive organizational transformation and improve performance in variety of business situations.

Creative strategist with ability to help establish clear organizational vision and implement the necessary measures of accountability to insure goals are met.

Change management expert with a proficiency for evaluating talent and building strong teams.

Trusted business advisor who operates with highest degree of personal integrity and ethics.

Dynamic and enthusiastic leader with passion for improving the customer experience, strengthening customer relationships and navigating complex selling situations.

• Expansive Business Knowledge & Expertise
• Strategic Thinking & Tactical Execution
• Business Development and Customer Advocacy
• Analyzing Multifaceted Situations & Problem Solving
• Focus on Continual Improvement
• Technical & Complex Selling Skills
• Relating to “C-level” Customers
• Leadership Effectiveness
• Driving Accountability
• Full P&L Management
• Change Management

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